Renowned for it's Industrially advanced Textile machinery in the early 1900's, Adolf Saurer was an Innovator who placed Arbon at the forefront of Technology and Architecture. CUPHUB was set in one of the legendary Saurer buildings, originally designed by Le Corbusier's student - Georges Pierre Dubois.

Designer Label Night Shopping with Music and Cocktails. Since the beginning of 2006, the former exhibition hall in the old town of Arbon on Lake Constance is labeled CUPHUB-DesignKulturCafé. Here you can enjoy culture, exhibitions, fashion shows, concerts and readings in addition to the bar. Part of the concept is also that the entire interior can be purchased, be it the upholstered furniture from great-grandmother's times or the colorful designer stools from the sixties. Listening to cool music, drinking a fine cocktail and looking around the store - what more could you want!

CUPHUB was the first in East Switzerland, alongside the Felix Cafe in St. Gallen to be ever nominated for the Best of Swiss Gastro, for one of the best Bars & Nightclubs in 2010.